About Visioneers KC

Welcome from Visioneers KC!

Visioneers DD Navigation Network is a company with an ambitious vision.

We believe that YOU are your own best solution. It is rare that anyone can solve your problems the way that you truly can, when you have the right tools and support at the right time. We believe these tools and support come from working with someone you can trust–a PEER with lived experience.

By choosing to work with us, you can increase your social capital and learn what is needed to prosper in your quest to help your child, your family and others. 

The Visioneers DD Navigation Network was launched by Georgia Mueller, a Kansas City native and mother of a son with a developmental disability.

Because of of her son’s needs, she learned how to help him through advocacy, individual and parent rights and the intricate details of how the disability service systems work in our country, at all levels. As a result of this effort, other people witnessed the success her family experienced and asked to learn. Now, here we are… 20 years later continuing to serve YOU.

Our Approach & Values

Visioneers’ program has been crafted with a comprehensive arrangement of the following: 

  • Lived Experience-Parent Professionals
  • Simultaneous, multi-systems navigation
  • Customized, comprehensive planning, based on the individual person in context
  • Interdisciplinary teams and community partnerships
  • Whole family and allies integrated into your team
  • Specialized experience, training and credentials

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