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Georgia Mueller, MS, CEO & Benefits Specialist

Georgia Mueller is mom to a young man with autism and an intellectual disability and wife to Keith, a plant pathologist/horticulturist. When their only son was diagnosed at the age of two, she and her husband responded by solving problems and finding parents to network with as soon as possible. The turning point was when they met professionals who shared resources and referrals to other parents who were a step or two ahead and provided invaluable mentorship. They spent hours seeking all the best therapists and realized that they were scarce and very expensive. They were able to successfully navigate a service community that had very little to offer but somehow succeeded. Their son was found eligible for therapy through Missouri First Steps then for a private spot at the first early education school for autism intervention in Kansas City, to fulfill his school district IEP. Over the years, she has been honored to serve families through several programs such as the Missouri Parent Training and Information Center – MPACT and Missouri Family to Family – MOF2F at UMKC’s Institute for Human Development – IHD.


Relevant Professional History

  • Lived Experience; Parent of young adult with a disability;
  • 20 Years Career working in DD/IDD Industry problem solving, coaching and navigating
  • Specializing in combinations of disability service systems
  • Employment at three different state level DD offices
  • DMH-DD-Department of Mental Health – Developmental Disability Services Liaison
  • Parent Training and Information Center
  • Parent to Parent Health Information Center
  • Board Member Responsibility across 3 different grassroots organizations
  • END Leadership and Education in Neuro-Developmental Disabilities
  • Partners In Policy Making
  • E (Entrepreneur)-Scholars Graduate and Midwest Non-Profit Leadership Bloch School of Business
  • SSI/SSDI CWIC Certified Work Incentive Benefits Counselor – SSA
Photo: Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson, M.Ed. COO

Over the past 20 years, Peggy Johnson has been happily overwhelmed with her roles as a homeschool educator, scout leader, college student and caregiver to a home full of diverse and unique family members.  But now that her family members are becoming more independent and learning to depend on her less, it is time for Peggy to help others in the community, using the resource navigation, project management, leadership, and various other skills that she has been developing and honing over the course of her career. 

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